Why labour should wear jeans

I am by no means a David Cameron fan, but normally I can tolerate him. Yesterday in PM questions, he went too far. Cameron revealed his true nature and beliefs in an outrageous set of lines which sounded like they belonged in a film satirising the British class system. Whilst debating the future of the NHS, David Cameron responded to the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn with the following lines  claiming that if his mother were present she would tell Corbyn to:

“put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem”

Oh no he didn’t.

Damn, he did.

There is so much wrong with his words, it’s hard to know where to begin. First of all, his words reveal a complete lack of anything intelligent to say. To critique someone’s clothing is to display your own complete lack of a valid comeback. It’s basically saying ‘I have nothing of substance to say, thus I shall revert to attacking your appearance’. His words, however, go much deeper than just bad debating.

They betray a deeply classist mindset, an outlook in which one should be judged not on the merit of their words or the impact of their actions, but on the quality and cut of their suit. This is the man we have leading the UK. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable to think that to Mr Cameron, how you dress is prioritised above what you do, his ideology serves to perpetrate the already divisive class system, as it is evident only the upper classes and wealthy can afford to meet Mr Cameron’s required dress code. Thus only certain people are apparently worthy of being respected and listened to.

I think the perfect response to this would be for the labour MPs to turn up today and tomorrow in the Commons in jeans and T-shirts. Show that they are a political party about action not attire, and as such demonstrate they can rise above Mr Cameron’s petty comments.

If you wish to hear Cameron’s words, click here

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