DIY Henna Tattoo tutorial

After I finished dying my hair with the henna, I had a fair amount left, so I decided to try and use it to make a henna tattoo. I didn’t have any of the proper equipment, or the skill to make intricate patterns, so I improvised slightly. Alternative titles for this post I was considering were,  ‘how to make a simple henna tattoo with equipment you already own’ ‘how to make more mess with the henna, because doing your hair didn’t already create enough’

you will need:


  • body art quality henna
  • a paintbrush
  1. Take the paint brush and dip it in very hot water, then into your left over henna paste. Apply the paste to your body in the design you want.
  2. 20141229_130425
  3. Leave to dry for about half an hour, when it’s dry the henna should crumble off naturally. If you want to make it last longer, then when it’s dry cover the henna with plastic wrap to keep it warm for another half an hour.
  4. Crumble off the last bits of henna.
  5. done.jpg
  6. makemore.jpg

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