DIY blue spotty festive nail art


It’s the holiday season and I’ve seen many people sporting really cool nails, however, I possess none of the ability required to construct one of these nail art masterpieces, so I have to settle for something really simple. I still think it’s cute and festive though, and it only takes about 20 mins.

You will need:

  • nail polish in 2 colours, I used rimmel 60 seconds in 503 mind the gap, and in 703 white hot love
  • bobby pin
  1. Paint nails in the base colour, I used the blue (503).
  2. Once dry, grab the bobby pin and dip in in the second colour (703) and make a dot on the nail.
  3. Repeat for however many dots you want.


Just a note on the polish I used:

I absolutely love the rimmel 60s polishes, as the dry almost instantly, don’t require a base coat, are inexpensive (mine were about £3 from boots) and even without a topcoat they last for days. The photo above is after 4 days with no topcoat.


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