Why did Bolivia refuse to sign the Montevideo Convention?


I was studying the importance of the 1933 Montevideo Convention in Politics, and of all the countries who had representatives attending, Bolivia was the only country to attend but not sign the Convention. Why? I asked around and had a google, but nowhere seemed to explain, so I decided to investigate until I found an answer.

Before I go on, I will give a brief summary of the importance of the Convention for anyone who hasn’t been forced chosen to study it. Its full name is the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, and it effectively outlines what is required for a country/State to be legally recognised, and the subsequent rights these States have. FDR pushed for the Convention as proof of the USA’s commitment to their ‘Good Neighbor’ policy. 16 countries signed, all who attended, BUT Bolvia, so back to the question, WHY???

After much searching, I found that in 1932 Bolivia had entered into the Chaco war with Paraguay, a war which involved Bolivia fighting for lands otherwise belonging to Paraguay. By NOT signing the Convention, Bolivia refused to recognise Paraguay as a State, and did not agree that States should not invade other States. Basically, Bolivia avoided breaching the law by simply not agreeing to adhere to it..Pretty clever hunh? Anyway, I just found it interesting and thought I would share it, just in case anyone else ever asked the same question:)

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  1. WE ARE FAMILY says:

    NICE! i’m also questioning that!(and forced…i mean choosen to study it)xD and thank u for the answer lol

    1. aha you’re welcome! what are you studying it for?

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