DIY Adam Ant Backpack with custom pocket

It’s my friend’s birthday coming up soon, and I wanted to make a personalised gift..She really loves Adam Ant, so I made her a backpack with lyrics to Stand and Deliver printed on the pocket( tutorial here).


This is how:

you will need:

  • about 3/4 metre of lining fabric
  • about 3/4 metre of bag fabric
  • material for the straps, make sure it’s sturdy, about 1 metre in length (you should measure)
  • usual sewing stuff…
  1. Print off the pattern, found here. This tutorial is a variation of the one found here.
  2. Cut out the fabric. Take the pocket piece (tutorial here) and sew the top edge by folding it about 1/4″. Then pin to the centre of the front piece, and sew.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Then sew the straps (3″ x 28″), or if you have pre-made straps skip this step..
  4. Pin the straps to the back of the bag about 2.5″ from the top, and 4″ from the sides. Stitch it in a cross to be stronger.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  5. Pin the two sides of the bag right sides together and stitch the two sides closed. Leave the bottom and top open.
  6. Pin the bottom of the bag to the base, and sew.                                                                                                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  7. Now sew the lining the same way.
  8. Then pin the bag inside the lining, right sides together(so the lining is inside out). You should have the bag inside the lining, with the bag seems showing inside, and the liner seems showing outside.
  9. Sew the top edge, leaving about 3.5″ unsewn.
  10. Invert the bag by pulling it through the gap you left. Then stitch up the gap.
  11. Now all that’s left is the fastening. I tried a few things, and found that a drawstring worked best. Cut about 60cm of the fabric you would like to use, making it about 1″ wide. Attach a safety pin to one end, and cutting a SMALL hole in the top of your bag, thread the drawstring though. Then as you would with a button hole, hand sew the edges of the hole to prevent fraying.


That’s it. All done. Feel free to post any questions below if this wasn’t clear enough.




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