Velvet skirt to shorts REFASHION

I volunteer in a charity shop, and I’ve been wanting to try sewing with velvet despite hearing it’s impossible hard. Therefore, when I saw this velvet skirt for £3 I though, why not?

Unfortunately being size 16 it didn’t quite fit


I intended to shorten it and make it into a skirt…


What I did (sorry I forgot to take photos):

I cut open the elastic waistband and basically pulled the elastic until it was tight enough to fit me. I sewed shut the elastic and cut off the excess. I then sewed the whole closed to the elastic was once again within the casing.

Then I cut it to the length I wanted and resewed the hem.


It didn’t quite sit correctly, so I ended up pinning it until it resembled some kind of romper, and then I just sewed it on my machine…

and VOILA a pair of kinda vintagy velvet shorts


I must admit it was not really what I was going for. at all. But hey, I’m inspired to try again, now all I need is more velvet.


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