DIY Tea Cup Candle Making

so, what are tea-cup candles you ask? Well, they are quite literally tea cups with wax melted into them to make candles that fit in the cups perfectly. Sounds simple, and last week a friend and I decided to give it a go. They turned out quite nice (I think) however the kitchen did look like a blizzard had hit, as wax had gone everywhere.yehh. So now that you’ve been warned, let’s begin:)

To make 10 candles of varying sizes, you will need:

  • 10 teacups (I got mine from charity stores, so they all had their own ‘character’, we found that shot/vodka glasses worked nicely)
  • 10 wicks, you can get these at hobby craft/ any craft shop for about £2.00
  • candle wax (I would recommend just buying 3 packs of 16 household candles, as it’s cheaper than buying wax)
  • 2 metal pans, one must fit inside the other (like double boiling)
  • a plastic/glass measuring jug with a pouring spout

1. Put some water into the large saucepan, and place the smaller one on top. Place a wick in each candle.


2. Break 1 box of candles into pieces about 7cm long or smaller (it doesn’t matter that much). Make sure to pull out the wicks, then place the candles into the pan, and turn on the stove.

3. Melt the wax, whilst stirring with a metal spoon (be careful). When it has fully melted, pour a SMALL amount into the measuring jug.

544184_10200890543450686_829965216_n             1426480_10200890535330483_567819241_n

4. The wax will dry very quickly, pour the small amount from the jug into the tea-cup, whilst keeping the stove on so the remaining wax doesn’t harden. Repeat the pouring into the jug then into the tea-cup until the pan is empty.

5. Break more wax and repeat until you’ve filled all the tea-cups.


We ran out of wicks, so we reused the ones from the candles that we broke, and propped them up temporarily with toothpicks until the wax hardened.


Leave the wax to cool overnight (don’t stick a finger in it as Bethany did)1463071_10200890542690667_1424438772_n
When your done, celebrate, make some tea and maybe light a candle or two;)


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