Easy DIY Bulletin Board

I have a habit of ripping out my favorite articles and pictures from magazines and newspapers, and I quickly ran out of space on my cork board. As you probably know, cork boards don’t come cheap, so I came up with a quick, easy (and cheap) way of making a cute bulletin board.you will need:cardboard, whatever size you want then multiply this by two duct tapesome pretty fabric large enough to cover the board (so half your card size)craft knifenow you’ve got all that (you can get card from the supermarket free if you ask them..just in case you don’t conveniently keep card around) anyway, lets get DIYing

1. Cut your card into the size you want the board to be, do this twice, so you have two identical sized pieces.                          Image

2. Put one piece on top of the other and duct tape the sides so they are a thick block.                                                                 Image

3. Then stretch your fabric over one surface of the card and duct tape at the back.


4. Tape a piece of string to the centre top of the bag so you can hang your board on the wall.

5. Now pin up your pictures (the double card means pins can be stuck into the board)


I loved my first one so much I made two 😉
The black dot is to obscure my friends face..she wasn’t quite ready for the internet to see her
Thanks for reading, now go create some boards, I would love to see your variations in the comments.Remember, if you liked this post…LIKE it


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