Hey, welcome to Talikeslolipops

I figured it would be a good idea to explain a bit about myself, so here are five facts about me:

1) My first name is Tal, that’s my full name, not Talitha or Tallula or whatever. Just Tal.

2) Lolipops are my favorite food, ever.

3) My favorite films are the Lord of the Rings (no.2) Inception (such a cool idea, anyone else wanna explore dreams??in a non creepy way 😉 Shakespeare in Love (cried at the end) and Bridget Jones (so funny, and British too)

4) I’m a major Shakespeare fan, been to the Globe many times, 12th Night and the Tempest are my faves

5) I will eat oreos with anything, literally. I have been known to place them on pizza (it’s yummy don’t slate it until you’ve tasted it)

if you’re still reading this far, then thanks 🙂 I hope to create a blog full of DIYs, fashion comments and inspiration, and general life stuff. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment 🙂

thanks- Tal Image




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